Welcome to Infinite Possibility, the website that explores the nature of extraordinary abilities. Usually we think of extraordinary ability as the providence of the holy or the exotic. The holy glow with light, miraculously heal or can see into the hearts or thoughts of another. Exotic fakirs and shaman from distant lands walk on fire, climb ropes into the sky, or travel out of body.

Evidence in the west, hovever, suggests that extraordinary ability is not so limited. Indeed it seems to pop up quite commonly. Maybe the phone rings and you know it's your spouse or you've had a hunch that comes true. You don't have to retreat to a monastery for extraordinary ability to be part of your life.

Still our current knowledge of the nature of extraordinary ability is fairly limited. Who has them? When do they arise? Are they controllable?

I have had the good fortune to have spent several years researching these and a number of other questions across eight different traditions: seven spiritual traditions and the scientific tradition. Along the way, I found hints to the questions above.

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