If you have enjoyed this discussion and would like to investigate further, you may want to read Infinite Possibility: Frameworks from Understanding Extraordinary Human Ability. This book contains a chapter each on Shamanism, the Western Spiritual traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and the Eastern traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. In addition, there is a chapter on the Scientific tradition. Each chapter explores: the traditionís worldview and how it understands extraordinary ability, the abilities reported by saints and holy men and women, the methods used to open to extraordinary ability, and, finally, the risks involved.

The Epilogue gave me a chance to pull it all together. Some of the material above comes from this overview. In addition, Infinite Possibility explores: common ability across cultures, unique ability and what influences its emergence, the role of purification, and the emergence of extraordinary ability.

This kind of cross cultural study of extraordinary has never been attempted in this depth. For the intuitives who wonder how their abilities fit into the world today, Infinite Possibility offers unique opportunity to explore extraordinary abilities across many cultures.

I hope you will join me exploring our infinite potential.

Infinite Possibility by author Audrey Irvine Ph.D. can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes_and_Nobles or Author House. By far, the best prices may be found at the Author House site.