Below is a list of extraordinary abilities as reported across different cultures. An * will be placed next to those abilities that have been researched and validated withing the Western Scientific Tradition. There are surely many other abilities not listed here. Certain of these are unique variations that arise from unique historical times or geographical locations.

Physical Abilities

Exceptionally swift running

Exceptional strength

Altered perception so things appear to move very slowly

Glowing with light

*Withstand pain

Going for prolonged periods without sleep, eating, drinking, or een breathing

Incombustibility (the body alive or dead does not burn)

Compenetration (passing one object through another)

Radiating intense heat

Immunity to injury (Fire walking, handing coals, cannot be poisoned, knived, shot)

Change physical body (height, weight, signs of stigmata or crown of thorns)

Extreme longevity

Extraordinary hearing

*Control blood flow

*Self healing

Radiate beautiful smells even after death

Paranormal Abilities



*Psychokinetic ability

*Clairvoyance or remote viewing

Paranormal/controlled dreaming

*Out of body experience


Power of Will/Charisma (ability of influence someone’s thoughts, perceptions, or feelings, e.g., dispel negativity/anger, make someone feel joyful)

Speak any language

Know time of one's death

*Use of Subtle energy

Power Over Nature

Talk with animals

Bring rain

Enliven the dead

Cause plants to bloom, seeds to grow

Walk on water

Part rivers

Calm storms

*Heal others



Instantaneous Travel (instantly move from one place to another)

Bilocation (to be in two places at once)

Manifestation (create objects as if from nothing)